Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finding the Joy...51-60

So with Thanksgiving just passing everyone can find something to be thankful for in their life. The family they are surrounded by, the gifts they have received throughout the year, or even something as simple as another meal to make it another day. This year I was grateful for the family I have and the one I have come to be part of over the past 5 years. My boyfriend's family and I have grown together over the past years and Ive grown close to all of them. It was also a time to reflect on the family I don't really have anymore. My mom and I aren't close, my dad lives in Nebraska with my brother and sister, and it's hard with everyone spread so far out. On top of that I don't talk to my Grandma (my mom's mom), or her sister (my Aunt) basically anyone from her side of the family. LONG story but they just aren't the kind of people I want to raise my family around or can trust as a family member. Anyway I wanted to add to my list of finding joy since it seemed only suitable given the holiday.

51. Turkey
52. Snowy Days where you all stay inside
53. Sister in Laws (or soon to be)
54. Coffee Creamer
55. My son being dry all night
56. Getting at least 2 hours of solid sleep
57. Poker nights
58. The only brother in law I have (even when we don't get along)
59. Sarcasm
60. PIE

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  1. yay for the kiddo waking up dry! And I like poker nights too! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!