Sunday, March 27, 2011

well been awhile

Seems like ive been so busy..then I came across my blogger app and decided I should update alittle. So currently I am planning a wedding :) for may 12, 2012 super super excited! Remy is gonna be 4 months old just a few days, my birthday is on the 30th and ive completely fallen in love with sewing and crafting :) its a new passion. Other than that nothing really new just being a mom and now a fiance :) here are some updated pics for you all.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spokane Bride Blog

Spokane bride blog an excellent source of information, inspiration and ideas! :) is doing a giveaway and id love nothing more then to win and share them with everyone so please go check their blog out..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nothing much

I really do love blogging because those that know me know I love talking and always have something to say so I dont why I dont blog more. This weekend we went bowling friday night with the family, and tonight we are going to another hockey game. But the best thing today was when we went to Pounders the jewelry store and I found my perfect engagement ring I'm absolutely in love with and get to have it made next week!! We go in next saturday to get the details worked out and pay for it. I am beyond estactic to get it :) Remy is growing and developing her own little personality and its amazing watching her grow. Boone gets smarter and smarter each day almost to smart for his own good. He starts school hopefully in September I have to register him in the next couple months I cant believe how big he is already. Here is to contining me joys

81. Ring shopping
82. Showering by myself
83. Getting to shower period
84. Hearing my son say no I want my momm
85. Reading a really good book
86. Writing something and knowing there are friends who are interested in reading it
87. Silence in the car when running errands
88. Gaining new friendships :)
89. Getting to spend time with my dad, sister and brother
90. My dad
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Joys today

I'm continuing the 1,001 joys and ive noticed its getting alittle bit harder to not mention the same things, so I'm going to try and think outside the box alittle more for the stuff I tend to overlook that make my days run smoothly.

71. The Library
72. Modern Family on Wednesdays
73. The feeling you get as a mother for accomplishing the simplest tasks with your little ones.
74. Heat during those freezing mornings when you wake up.
75. Valentines day chocolates
76. Long lost friends
77. Fresh banana bread
78. New books for Boone (he loves reading)
79. Vacations
80. My sons passion for football (sports in general, I've always wanted to be a "soccer mom" and be that mom at her kids games cheering)
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Well we are Sick

It started with Boone then he passed it on to daddy and Remy. She's all congested and has a sinus infection and is having trouble breathing while she nurses which causes her to get really ticked. I feel so bad for them both boone has a really congested cough and remy is really fussing so any parent knows when a child is sick they don't sleep which means we don't sleep. So we've had a tough couple days. But I'm pleased to say I think we are getting better is to a good week :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year and 1 month to Remy

Wow what a year and already a month since we had our baby girl. This year literally flew by it has been crazy. Maybe because we were so excited to welcome our baby girl home or time just flies when you are a parent. My son changes every day and sometimes I look at him and think geez where did my little baby go from last summer. If it weren't for our obsessive picture taking I would of missed him growing and changing. He is so independent and smart I'm gonna cry when he starts school in september. Remy is doing soo good her 1st month flew by..she sleeps good during the day and its off and on at night..I'm very thankful for her to be doing so good and big brother adores her.

Here is my 1001 joys continued...

61. Coffee-the vice that keeps me going these days
62. My BFs job- I'm thankful he has a fulltime job and I am able to stay home with the kiddos
63. Mother in law (soon to be)- wierd to be saying that but she has been a real shoulder to lean on for advice and she treats me like I'm her daughter and no different, which is huge for me since I don't have a relationship with my own mom.
64. A healthy flourishing baby girl
65. Football- brings my bf and I together because we have a strong passion for it and love watching it together.
66. A&W rootbeer :)
67. My Dad- He's always there when I need him.
68. Our new Wii- Boone can play with us now and its fun to play it all together.
69. My camera and the passion for taking pictures.
70. some good chicken nachos from azteca!
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


2 1/2 weeks till Christmas are you kidding me..thats crazy to think about..this whole season is going by way tooooo fast. It seems life is going by to fast these days. Last week was a blur not to mention the whole month of november entirely. I thought I was ahead on my shopping but now I feel behind..well we have our baby girl and im very thankful shes happy and healthy. And then big brother whos ramboncious as ever.
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