Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nothing much

I really do love blogging because those that know me know I love talking and always have something to say so I dont why I dont blog more. This weekend we went bowling friday night with the family, and tonight we are going to another hockey game. But the best thing today was when we went to Pounders the jewelry store and I found my perfect engagement ring I'm absolutely in love with and get to have it made next week!! We go in next saturday to get the details worked out and pay for it. I am beyond estactic to get it :) Remy is growing and developing her own little personality and its amazing watching her grow. Boone gets smarter and smarter each day almost to smart for his own good. He starts school hopefully in September I have to register him in the next couple months I cant believe how big he is already. Here is to contining me joys

81. Ring shopping
82. Showering by myself
83. Getting to shower period
84. Hearing my son say no I want my momm
85. Reading a really good book
86. Writing something and knowing there are friends who are interested in reading it
87. Silence in the car when running errands
88. Gaining new friendships :)
89. Getting to spend time with my dad, sister and brother
90. My dad
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  1. isn't silence is a beautiful thing? lol Glad you guys have been having good times lately, and congrats on picking out the perfect ring! That is beyond exciting!