Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Joys today

I'm continuing the 1,001 joys and ive noticed its getting alittle bit harder to not mention the same things, so I'm going to try and think outside the box alittle more for the stuff I tend to overlook that make my days run smoothly.

71. The Library
72. Modern Family on Wednesdays
73. The feeling you get as a mother for accomplishing the simplest tasks with your little ones.
74. Heat during those freezing mornings when you wake up.
75. Valentines day chocolates
76. Long lost friends
77. Fresh banana bread
78. New books for Boone (he loves reading)
79. Vacations
80. My sons passion for football (sports in general, I've always wanted to be a "soccer mom" and be that mom at her kids games cheering)
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