Friday, November 5, 2010

1,000 moments of joy countdown

So I thought I would update where I am at right now, so if anyone is interested they can check out the little things I have found joy in throughout the last month.

#1 I am thankful for a 2 1/2 year old who wants me to play with him and box, and wrestle.Soon this little boy will want nothing to do with his mama and right now until his little sister comes we only have this time for just us. Then we will have to make time without sister to hang out and do our own thing. I know there are days where it can be so frustrating or when I am dead tired, but I need to realize he just wants to hang out and be with his mom. And I am thankful for the opportunity to be his mom.
#3 Caramel Apple Bath and Body works soap
#4 Hot fudge sundae pop tarts
5. Chubby babies
6. A clean house
7. Dirty Martini's
8. A patient and loving bf
9. The Office
10. Wonderful friend's
11. New babies
12. Baby clothes shopping
13. Fall Season
14. Football
15. Caramel Apples
16. Pumpkin pie
17. My son when he says he loves me randomly
18. My camera to take pictures!
19. mmmm wine
20. Holidays!
21. Greenbluff
22. Fresh made apple cider
23. Alone time with my bf
24. Looking at my son while he is sleeping so peacefully and thinking to myself how lucky I am.
25. When my bf kisses me for no reason.
26. Scary movies!
27. Solitaire
28. Peacoats
29. The joy you feel when you have your bills paid
30. Baked Pumpkin seeds!
31. Driving home from somewhere and my 2 boys falling asleep at the same time and how quiet and peaceful it is.
32. Pillsbury holiday cookies with the picture in the middle. I got turkey ones yesterday
33. Peppermint mocha coffee creamer.
34. Going to bed all at the same time (Boone, mama and daddy) and having a shhh contest till someone finally falls asleep.
35. When my son comes up with the craziest stories and tells me all about them.
36. Holding my son while he falls asleep
37. Baby showers
38. Driving through the country
39. Movie watching nights with my BF
40. My sister!
41. Baby girl onezies
42. Tootsie rolls
43. Christmas Music
44. Football Sundays
45. Harry Potter lol (I know nerd)
46. Family cuddle time while watching a movie
47. When your bf thinks you are still beautiful when you are beluga whale size aka 9 months pregnant.
48. Mushy songs that pull on your heart strings
49. A good cup of tea
50. Random get togethers with family.

Here are a couple friends who are also doing the same thing...

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