Tuesday, November 9, 2010

50 Free holiday cards from SHUTTERFLY

That's right..I found out from a fellow blogger that she blogged and is receiving 50 free Christmas cards!!! OMG I went right over because I was in the process of picking mine out this week actually...SO FRIENDS go check out the awesomeness they have over there and take advantage of their awesome deal!
My Favorite!

I also wanted to tell you that they not only do Christmas cards that are fabulous but you can make calendars BIG & SMALL..I am going to get one of these below for my MIL...it's it cute
Lastly as I was browsing around last night through shutterfly I came across birth announcements which is perfect because Remy will be here in 3 weeks exactly and I love this card below so now I have got just about everything taken care..Xmas Cards, Calendar for MIL desk at work and my Birth Announcements!! Please go check it out you won't regret it!

I am so excited to receive this awesome gift and get my Christmas cards going. This weekend I am taking my son out to get the PERFECT picture for the Christmas card I have printed out and then I will be a busy busy girl getting my list and address together. This is what I live for this time of year, buying gifts, wrapping presents, baking, mailing cards, decorating, and of course CHRISTMAS MUSIC!! Leave me some comments if you decided to go check out their great deal!

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