Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today I went and purchased my baby girl's bed set thanks to her wonderful grandma!!! I am completely in love with it and can't wait for her letters to be ready to hang above her crib! I plan on getting the blanket to match the bed set and possibly the hamper not sure. I might get a hamper for the kids room that they both will use something neutral. On another note I have my baby shower in one week :) I can't wait to see family and friends and get together to celebrate bringing our baby girl into this world! I will be 30 weeks on Tuesday and we are scheduled for a C Section November 30th! so about 9 weeks left yay..can you say ANXIOUS

Here is Remy's new bed set her letters will match the bed set and I can't wait to receive them from the lady who is making them for me :-) (Post to follow)

This it the Blanket I want to match the bed set..It is literally the softest blanket I've ever felt

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