Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Morning Adventures #2

This morning we headed out to Manito again for our morning walk, we started out greeting the duckies and walking around the pond. Then we went around the back way to the Rose gardens there and walked through and down a nicely ivy covered walkway. Then we started seeing a bunch of squirrels only 14 today. Then around the other side of the pond and Boone said goodbye to the duckies and home we came for some breakfast. The best part out of the whole thing was when we were leaving Boone said to me "I had fun mom thanks"! It melts your heart literally and I said "Well I had fun to booba thanks for going with me," he responds with his classic "yep".

Tell next time..have a great day!

Mr. Squirrel
Boone chasing the squirrel's

Strong man

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  1. I love this last picture of Boone lifting the stick...lol!